ID card cloud decoding is an innovative technology that transfers the traditional ID card information decoding process to the cloud, providing users with an efficient and secure identity verification method. With this technology, users only need to place their ID card in a designated area through their mobile phone or other terminals, and the system will quickly and accurately analyze the information on the ID card.
Solution advantage
  • Easy and fast
    Quickly and accurately analyze identity information, save cumbersome steps, and improve the convenience and efficiency of operation.
  • Extreme cost performance
    While improving the experience, reduce hardware costs.
  • Convenient Device Management
    Batch purchase in the background, unified management, improve management efficiency and reduce management costs.
  • Live update and maintenance
    The cloud decoding solution realizes real-time update and maintenance to ensure that the decoding algorithm and recognition model are up-to-date to cope with the changing ID card format and security requirements.
  • Data Security Protection
    Strict encryption and transmission mechanisms are adopted to ensure that users' personal information can be protected at the highest level, effectively reducing the risk of information leakage and abuse.
  • Velocidade de push rápido
    Push rápido, retorno rápido
Application field
  • Financial industry
  • Tourism industry
  • Government agencies
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