Celebrate NEWPOS second quarter employee birthday party!

On this sunny summer day, we ushered in a second quarter employee birthday party full of laughter. Let's send our best wishes to these birthday girls and spend this wonderful time together!

First of all, let's take a look at the birthday party carefully arranged by the colleagues of the comprehensive management department, filled with a table of food, it looks like the appetite is full, today is our good day, everyone has fun to eat and have fun.

Followed by the ring blind box small game, everyone is eager to try, want to win their own small luck.

DIY ice cream is a great way to satisfy everyone's creativity and taste buds. Colorful toppings, cold, sweet ice cream, every bite is a hymn to the good life.

This is not only a birthday party, but also a party to share happiness and pass on warmth. Here, everyone is the protagonist and every moment deserves to be remembered.

May you have a successful career, happy family and good health in the coming days! Thank you for going hand in hand with the company, and we will continue to walk together in the future!

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