Cloud MIS
NEWPOS Cloud MIS is based on the transaction orders created by the cash register (upper computer), which are pushed to the NEWPOS Cloud MIS system platform through a wireless network, and then distributed by the platform to POS terminals to realize wireless electronic payment.
Operation process
  • Terminal number and key management
  • Push platform management and status query
  • Terminal transaction flow query and statistics
  • Activate package management and query
  • Manage system users, roles, and rights
Scheme advantage
  • Wireless
    Wireless communication, get rid of the cable shackles, no need to install drivers
  • Don't pick POS
    Can connect to any brand of POS terminal (4G terminal is recommended)
  • Management platform
    Terminal management, cloud statistics and query trading information
  • Stable push
    Adopt stable third-party push platform (Ali Cloud)
  • Supports activation and payment
    Flexible package plan, can be accumulated period of validity
  • Push fast
    Second push, second back
Usage scenario
  • Supermarkets
  • Hospital
  • Hotel
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