Terminal Management System
Improve terminal management efficiency and create intelligent operations.The TMS management system provides partners with remote management, terminal deployment, equipment status monitoring, remote support and other services for all types of terminal products.
Solution advantage
  • Efficient terminal management
    It provides stand-alone and batch equipment deployment methods, and the multi-mode design provides customers with more solution choices.
  • Comprehensive Application Management
    From application upload and release to application query and update, it provides a full range of application management functions, simplifies the management process, and improves business flexibility.
  • Real-time monitoring and remote management
    Track the working status of terminal equipment at any time, perform remote configuration and maintenance, and improve equipment utilization and stability.
  • Flexible User Management
    Flexibly set user access permissions to ensure data security and compliance.
  • Intelligent operation
    Remote management and monitoring functions allow you to understand the operating status of terminal equipment at any time, enabling intelligent operation and timely response.
  • Support all walks of life
    TMS has been successfully applied in many industries, including finance, catering, medical care, etc. With its functions and advantages, you can improve terminal management efficiency, reduce operating costs, and gain a competitive advantage.
Application Scenario
  • financial payment
  • hotel industry
  • Food Industry
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